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Civil ceremonies are an intensely personal and significant occasion. Whether you are pledging your life to your partner, welcoming a new child into the world or saying farewell to a loved one, my aim is to make sure that you have the ceremony you want – formal or informal, sophisticated or simple.

Love is love and it is everyone’s right to marry their chosen partner and to start their journey with a ceremony that reflects their relationship and personalities.

I am confident that I can take you, step-by-step, through this exciting, tender and serious time of your life. Together we can create the most memorable occasion for you.

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A civil marriage ceremony is a non-religious legal ceremony and no two ceremonies are alike. It is important that you make the ceremony your own, incorporating cultural traditions, values and beliefs that represent who you are and what your relationship stand for.

I am thrilled with the 2017 changes to the marriage act and welcome all couples to reach out about crafting a ceremony that reflects your love and life together.

You will have unlimited access to me in person, phone or email. As a minimum, I encourage you to attend two consultations with me, for the purpose of signing the legal documentation and to discuss the requirements of your ceremony.

Ceremonies can be performed at anytime and at any location whether you want a traditional or an adventurous ceremony.

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We would like to thank you, for leading the service We found the service very moving. We are most grateful that you have given us a positive celebration. We could not have wished for more.
Carolyn and Peter
We were pleasantly surprised by the many positive comments we received from people attending the service. They felt that it had a more personal and emotional ambiance than other services they had been to recently, which had been rather cold and clinical. We feel that you contributed much to that and want to thank you again, for all your help and advice.
Tim and Janette
We would like to thank you for your kindness, words and organisation last week. We were very happy with the whole service and received many complimentary comments.
Sharon and Alastair
We would like to express our deepest, heartfelt thanks for making our wedding day so very special. The ceremony you performed was absolutely gorgeous and we shall always have terrific memories.
Robyn and Peter
We just wanted to convey our thanks to you for marrying us. We had a wonderful day and thanks for making our ceremony specially tailored to our needs.
Zoe and Tedman
Thank you dearly for helping us out to make our special day just right. Our vows/your words touched every person there.
Jaslyn and Rohan
Thanks so much for such a wonderful ceremony. We really had such a special time. So a big Thank You for helping us have such a memorable day.
Jamal and Taby
Thank you very much for your wonderful work. We have had a great ceremony and it exceeded my expectations by miles!! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did.
Brandon & Jane

Other Services

Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows is for any married couple wishing to celebrate their love in a unique and personal ceremony.

Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary such as a tenth, twenty-fifth, etc., but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. Your ceremony can be as traditional or as creative as you wish. You can replicate your original commitment ceremony as closely as possible, or you can do something different, have the ceremony you would have liked to have had the first time round, but for various reasons, did not.

It is sometimes particularly relevant to those who have been through a difficult period and have put a strain on their relationship but wish to celebrate their renewed commitment to each other.

Together we can create a ceremony that will celebrate your marriage, whether it’s just the two of you or in front of hundreds of loved ones.

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Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony allows you, as a couple, to make yourself heard. It allows you to celebrate something that is significant to you with your loved ones and it gathers your community together, giving them an opportunity to reflect on your words in a formalised manner.

While a commitment ceremony has no legal standing, it is a ceremony that makes public your love that is interior and private. It is therefore an important and moral act that will reaffirm your commitment and love and therefore provide a sense of stability and permanence.

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Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is an official welcoming of your child into the everyday world that we live. It is also an opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be as good a parent as you can, and for adult friends, or relatives to confirm their special relationship with your child. It is basically non-religious, and also recognises the role of Godparents and Guardians, who are important in the life of your child.

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Saying farewell to a loved one is never easy and it is absolutely imperative that a service is carried out with as little disruption to the immediate family as possible. I will help you send off the departed with the dignity and respect that they deserve, conducting a ceremony that reflects their life and personality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What legal requirements are in place for Marriage in Australia?

You’ll need to both be over the age of 18 years, and have two witnesses present on the day of your marriage who are also over the age of 18. If either of you have previously been married, you’ll need to produce your divorce papers and/or if either of your spouses are deceased, a Death Certificate.

English birth certificates are required if you are Australian born, otherwise you’ll need a birth certificate and passport from your country of birth.

You’ll also need to sign your Notice of Intended Marriage with me no less than one calendar month prior to the marriage. I can provide this form when you first meet with me.

How far in advance should I contact you?

You’ll need to sign a Notice of Intended Marriage with me at least one month before your wedding, but ideally you should talk to me as soon as you’ve decided on a date, time, and location for your ceremony. You can contact me earlier than this if you need any advice though, I’m happy to help.

What do we need to do after we are married?

You’ll need to obtain a registered copy of your Marriage Certificate. I can take care of this, or you can obtain it yourselves the next working day from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

If you’re a resident from a country outside the British Commonwealth, you’ll also need to obtain an Apostile stamp from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Sydney. This will allow you to register your marriage in your country of residence. Again, I can help with this if needed.

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